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Dana Hersh Don - Field of Colors - Business Branding portrait - photo by Mountain Magic Me

connect with the voice of your inner wisdom

Intuitive Consulting & Healing

Do you yearn for more clarity and trust?

Do you feel held back by old patterns and beliefs?

Maybe there's a lot you are sorting through, and the path forward feels foggy.

Sound like you? If so, let's chat! I'd love to hear what's going on and how I can help you take a step towards your authentic truth.

Make way for the You that is ready to emerge...

You’ve likely done a lot of work on yourself over the years. You’ve been to practitioners, counselors, personal growth workshops (you name it!), and you continue seeking - because you know you are on a path of evolution, and you are committed to shining your light and living life fully, with each unfolding version of yourself.

I relate to you, fellow seeker! These times in humanity can be quite a wild ride, and when you're thrown off by chaos and confusion, the importance of coming back to Self becomes even more apparent. There's a call, sometimes even an urgency, to root into your truth and act from a place of alignment. Sometimes you achieve this on your own, and sometimes it's a message of guidance from nature, a phrase in a book, a loved one's words, or a healing practitioner.


When the way forward is unclear, it's natural to seek insight and perspective from a source of guidance; from someone you trust and feel supported by. I have your greatest good at heart, and I can help you see your blind spots and your strengths as you venture on your path of awakening. I have helped many people over the last 10 years of my healing practice find insight, clarity, and align with their truth. I love what I do, and I'd love to work with you!

If this speaks to you, what's the next step? Let's schedule a free call where I can learn what's going on for you and how I can best be of service.

Already know what you want? Book my service!

Lydia Stern headshot.jpeg

I highly recommend Dana!

The energy work that she offers is truly incredible. I've had the pleasure of taking yoga classes with her, having my aura read by her, and also had the opportunity to take a meditation course taught by her. All experiences have been heart-expanding, inspiring and uplifting! The wisdom and kindness Dana offers in her work is something I will forever deeply cherish. I look forward to continuing my awakening practices with her and with the tools she has given me.

Lydia Stern

Professional Photographer, Mountain Magic Media

Eric Ratinoff Headshot_Lawyer.jpg

The experience was completely mind-blowing...


I began as a skeptic. But as soon as I met Dana for a reading, I realized she is authentic, peaceful and engaging. She was incredibly accurate with what she saw about me, even things my inner voice says that I do not say out loud. She keyed in on personality characteristics of my kids, my wife, and me. She gave me insight into things occurring in our life together, including the good things and the struggles. I feel tremendous gratitude for having stumbled onto Dana and her incredible intuition and skills. 

Eric Ratinoff

Lawyer & Founder of Eric Ratinoff Law Corp

Alex Simon Headshot.jpg

I loved my reading with Dana!

I went into the session with no idea what I was getting into, and I’d never met her before. Dana was very intuitive while reading my aura, and brought up so much that I needed to hear. She was thoughtful, articulate, sensitive, grounded, and gave me so much clarity on the topics that were needing attention in my life. I would absolutely recommend her to all of my people!

Alex Simon

Ceramic Artist & Business Owner

Istvan Kosa Headshot.jpg

She has a way, unlike any healer I've come across...

Dana is one of those rare souls that shines so bright and pure you can’t help but notice and be drawn in to the light! I went to her for my first reading years ago and within minutes had chills from her abilities, literally! She has a way, unlike any other healer I’ve come across, to put subtle longings of the heart into words, making it something you can touch, hold, and contemplate. I have been back whenever I can, and have learned to take copious notes to meditate on the insights she shares.

Kósa István

LMT, Web Developer


I would have never imagined these sessions to be so insightful...

When Dana closes her eyes and begins to tell you what she sees, it touches a place inside of you that needed to be seen, understood, and healed. Sometimes it’s something you knew deep down inside, but has not come through on a conscious level. These pieces are vitally important to personal growth and transformation. I have received messages from the divine through her, from my son who transitioned, and so much more. I count Dana as one of my top healers who has brought so much valuable support to my life, and has helped my grief journey immensely. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised and deeply moved by this experience!

Monica Mesa Dasi

Author, Intuitive, Coach

A Gift For You - Guided Meditation to Ground & Center

It can be easy to go off-center with all the stressors going on, which is why it's helpful to give yourself the time and space to go within and reconnect. In this free audio download that I created, you will be guided through a meditation to ground and center, including original music and sound bath with crystal bowls. Enjoy! 
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