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& Healing 

Connect with the voice of your inner wisdom 

Do you feel stuck in old patterns?

Are you going through a difficult life transition?

Are you yearning for more clarity, connection, and confidence?

Do you want to step into a more empowered version of yourself?

If any of this sounds like you, I'd love to chat and hear what's going on, and how I might be able to support you.

Already know what service you want to schedule?

Make way for the You that wants to come through.

You’ve likely done a lot of work on yourself over the years. You’ve been to practitioners, counselors, personal growth workshops - you name it - and you've probably found it's really helpful when you get a wider perspective from a clear and neutral source; someone you trust and feel supported by.

I get it. I’ve been there myself; I’ve gone through many cycles of healing and shedding skins, and I’ve sought out a wide range of modalities, practitioners, and help on the quest for clarity and transformation. Through this process, I’ve learned that I’m a natural intuitive, healer and teacher. I have worked with over a thousand clients in various contexts over the last 10 years of my healing arts practice, and I’ve discovered that I love what I do. And I'd love to help you as well. 

How refreshing it is to work with someone who can help you cut through your mental chatter and drop into your center, where clarity and wisdom abound. 

If this sounds good, what's the next step for you? Let's schedule a free call where we can chat and I can hear what's going on for you and where you'd like support.

Eric Ratinoff Headshot_Lawyer.jpg

The experience was completely mind-blowing...

I began as a skeptic. But as soon as I met Dana, I realized she is authentic, peaceful and engaging. She was incredibly accurate with what she saw about me, even things my inner voice says that I do not say out loud. She keyed in on personality characteristics of my kids, my wife, and me. She gave me insight into things occurring in our life together, including the good things and the struggles. 

I have since had one other session with Dana and intend to have more. Because of her I have happily shed certain biases about aura readings and intuitive services. I feel tremendous gratitude for having stumbled onto Dana and her incredible intuition and skills. The experience was completely mind-blowing.

Eric Ratinoff

Lawyer & Founder of Eric Ratinoff Law Corp

Alex Simon Headshot.jpg

I loved my reading with Dana!

I went into the session with no idea what I was getting into, and I’d never met her before. Dana was very intuitive while reading my aura, and brought up so much that I needed to hear. She was thoughtful, articulate, sensitive, grounded, and gave me so much clarity on the topics that were needing attention in my life. I would absolutely recommend her to all of my people!

Alex Simon

Ceramic Artist & Business Owner


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