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Sound is the essence of life; the vibration behind everything in existence. When we are in the presence of high-vibrational sound, we are reminded of our own sacred existence. Our nervous system is soothed, our heart is opened, and our body is given an opportunity to vibrate and realign at a cellular level.

Dana Hersh Don - Field of Colors - Busin

When you meet with Dana for a sound journey - whether in a group event, retreat, or during savasana in a yoga class - she welcomes you to the experience. Receive subtle healing frequencies from the gong, crystal bowls, harmonium, flute, chimes, and voice as Dana intuitively works with the available energy to help you shift energetic blocks and create an experience of resonance and restoration, inviting your own inner healer forward.

Dana Hersh Don - Field of Colors - Busin
Music in Dana's LIfe...

Dana has been playing the flute since the age of six. It is like an extension of her being; a familiar and creative channel through which she can express herself and connect with the hearts of others. As an adult Dana was drawn to experimenting with how frequencies of the flute can affect the subtle energy field, and she began to incorporate other healing instruments that support this exploration, including the harmonium, voice, gong, crystal bowl and chimes. In 2020 a new panorama opened up as Dana began songwriting and incorporating the messages of her song creations into the sound healing experience.

CONtract dana's services

Dana is available for recording sessions, touring, or playing at events. Contact her for more information.

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