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Dana Hersh Don - Field of Colors - Business Branding portrait - photo by Mountain Magic Me

People often ask me...

Have you always been clairvoyant? Is it a gift that you were born with, or did you discover this ability later on in life?

My response is simple: We are all born with extrasensory abilities. Babies and young children see auras, read energy, and are pure channels in constant connection with Source. So, I was born with the natural ability of insight, and you were too! Maybe more so than you give yourself credit for.


As a child I remember feeling what others were feeling (empathy), and knew that certain things were going to happen because I "saw" them in my mind's eye (clairvoyance), but I generally kept these insights to myself. And like most of us, over time I gradually forgot these abilities. As a teenager I got good at conforming to societal expectations in hopes to fit in with my peer groups and please the adults I looked up to. The more I relied on what I thought others wanted me to be, the less in touch I became with my own truth and inner guidance.

In my perception, this misalignment from Self is a common experience of modern times. We come into the world pure, bright, complete, and totally conscious. Then little by little, our light begins to dull as we attempt to mold ourselves to the demands and expectations of society. Like sponges we absorb what we learn from our environment, parents, teachers, and other adult role models, who, ironically, may have forgotten what it means to be a child.

As adults, we may be influenced by cultural norms, external pressures, or group-think mindset, which may not be in resonance with who we are at our core. We might feel obligated to do things a certain way, but the habitual beliefs and behaviors that are imprinted in us from early on don't always line up with our truth in the present moment.

The good news is, if we fall asleep to the voice of our inner truth, then the next step is to wake up. Isn't that what we came here for? To awaken from our slumber? To grow and evolve into a fuller expression of self? Thankfully our Spirit, all-knowing and ever-present, faithfully sends us wake up calls. One after the other, louder and louder, until we hear them. Until we choose to level up with ourselves and step into our power.

My wake up call...

In the summer of 2008 during a semester abroad in Argentina, I was taking a Hip Hop class and attempted to pull off a flip, and... voila! - I landed on my head and injured my spinal column. I spent the next several months with compromised mobility and a lot of pain. Back stateside, I struggled facing my injury, and with the added challenge of "reverse culture shock", I fell into a depressive state.

This was the beginning to my waking up. Choosing to take things into my own hands, I sought out alternative methods of healing and began the journey of spiritual awakening. Once I got a taste of the golden drop of consciousness, there was no turning back! All sorts of synchronicities began to happen and life presented me with new opportunities to heal, grow, and bring more joy into my life.


After I graduated from college with a BA in Spanish, my heart led me back to Argentina. I had no idea how things were going to turn out or what I was going to do there; I simply knew to trust my intuition and go. Little did I know I would be spending the next eight years in various parts of the country, with many intense and beautiful chapters, including the start of my exploration in the subtle healing arts. I opened up a creative channel, started making art (which you'll see throughout my website), and reconnected with my long-time joy of playing the flute. I sought out studies in energy healing, and found my first teacher of Kundalini yoga. 

Dana Hersh Don - Field of Colors - Busin

A grand inspiration...

In 2011, I visited a friend in Buenos Aires who told me she had recently taken an energy reading course. She was radiant, and enthusiastically offered me a reading. I thought to myself, "I don't know what that is, and YES, I want one!" To this day I vividly remember the profound messages that moved me to my core, and felt a yearning to learn more. The seed had been planted!


Later on, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in two intensive energy reading courses in Patagonia, and became a certified Aura Reader through the Piracanga School in 2013. I was deeply impacted by my experience in the training. I had reconnected with my innate ability to read energy! The real triumph wasn't acquiring a skill set outside of myself; it was simply the letting go of limiting beliefs that were clouding my perception, to reveal my innate capacity. Like polishing a diamond in the rough.


I have been giving readings since early 2013, and it is so fulfilling! Each reading is a unique soul-to-soul encounter, and I am very grateful to be doing this work.

Weaving it together...

Now back in the U.S., currently living in Portland, Oregon, I continue to explore my authentic pathway forward and ask how I can be in service for the greater good. Since returning from Argentina, I've completed almost 500 hours in yoga teacher trainings, started up my intuitive consulting and healing business, facilitated local and international retreats, refined myself as a sound bath practitioner, and am currently pursuing a training in the Hakomi Method (mindfulness somatic psychotherapy).​ I am also very excited about the development of my Pathway to Self program to help people anchor into their self-empowerment and integrate the awakening consciousness that is available on the planet during this time.

The journey of being a human is at once a hard path, and an extraordinarily beautiful and valuable one. In my lifetime I am committed to walking it with as much vibrancy and integrity as possible, and sharing the tools, gems, and experience that I've gathered along the way. Thank you for being YOU, and for your courage to stand in truth and heart.


With Love & Gratitude,

A Gift for You: Guided Meditation to Ground & Center

It can be easy to go off-center with all the stressors going on, which is why it's helpful to give yourself the time and space to go within and reconnect. In this free audio download that I created, you will be guided through a meditation to ground and center, including original music and sound bath with crystal bowls. Enjoy! 
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