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Guided meditation
to ground and center

Are you feeling scattered or overwhelmed? It can be easy to go off-center with all the stressors going on - which is why it's important to give yourself the time and space to go within and reconnect to self. In this free audio download that I created, you will be guided through a meditation to ground and center, including original music and sound bath with crystal bowls. Enjoy!


Taking a moment in the morning to orient to your surroundings and tune into the gift of existence can be a great way to start the day. Offering words of acknowledgment to the 7 directions is a practice of many indigenous cultures.


I wrote this special Prayer to the 7 Directions over a period of time when I was feeling a lot of gratitude for life, nature, the universe, our interconnectedness as human beings, and all the seen and unseen support around us.


The 7 directions are

-The 4 cardinal directions (East, South, North, West)

-Earth below

-Sky above

-Center (of you!)

You can face each cardinal direction as you listen (or sing!) to this song, starting with the East. Then for Earth lower down to touch the ground, for Sky reach upwards, and for Center bring your hands to your body, if you are so inspired. May this practice bring a smile to your heart!

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