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sessions with Dana

Hello! If you've landed on this page, you may be seeking some insight and clarity about the things that are up for you, and you're curious about what it's like to work with me.

People come to see me for many reasons. You might feel stuck in a rut and want to open up to more possibility. Or you might be seeking to reconnect with a passion or part of yourself that has been put on the back burner. You may be going through a life transition with big questions about your next chapter. Or, you are curious about your spiritual self and want to strengthen your intuitive capacities.

Whatever the reason, the common threads I see in people are a yearning for clarity, connection, healing, and self-empowerment. You want to feel awake and alive, and make decisions that come from your authentic self.

I see you. I know about the fear of traversing the unknown, the trials of a healing journey, the joy of heart-centered living, and the undeniable call to be your best self. And I am here to walk alongside you on your path of awakening. 

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How We Can Work Together:

Pathway to Self
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Receive attuned, consistent, customized support to connect with your inner guidance and empower yourself in your life. The Pathway sessions will be a holistic blend of intuitive readings, healing, coaching, and check-ins. We will meet on a regular basis, and the duration of the program will be determined based on your goals.

This is a powerful way to step more fully into yourself and cultivate your inner resource for insight, clarity and healing. Schedule a free consultation to learn more!

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The Pathway to Self program was a soul-stirring experience...

It brought clarity, recognition, and a clear path forward as I embark on my journey to become a healing practitioner. From the very start, I felt a deep connection with Dana and was moved by her unique gifts. She saw me for who I truly am, in a way that I hadn't yet recognized myself, and provided the clarity I had been longing for. Each session left me feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to embrace my authentic self. If you're seeking personal transformation and a genuine connection with your inner guidance, the Pathway to Self program is for you.

MK Cook  Web Designer

Intuitive Readings
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intuitive readings

In these sessions I read your energy field and tune into guidance to relay information and messages. I also subtly help you shift your vibration towards a clearer version of yourself. I focus on what's most relevant for your greatest good, helping you to understand the energetic subtleties of your situation, strengthen your authentic connection to self, and identify empowered pathways forward. We'll close with an energy balancing practice that helps you integrate the session.

Sense you'll want more than one session with me?  Consider the package options below for a substantial savings, and stay up to date with insight on your evolving path.

  • 3 Reading Package

    Purchase a pack of 3 Intuitive Readings and save $120!
    Valid for one year
  • 5 Reading Package

    Purchase a pack of 5 Intuitive Readings and save $250!
    Valid for one year
  • 10 Reading Package

    Purchase a pack of 10 Intuitive Readings and save $700!
    Valid for 2 years
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Receiving a reading from Dana was a very positive experience...

Her reading blended images that resonated deeply, with clear and insightful explanation of the significance, as well as attuned and helpful guidance and wisdom. I would highly recommend receiving a reading from Dana to those who are seeking clarity, growth, and inspiration.

Mira Barakat  | Singer, Dancer, Teacher

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Her words have helped me grow every day since...

Dana's presence and energy prior to my first reading made me feel grounded. Her reading brought consciousness into areas of my life that are close to me; it gave me focus. Her words explained my energy, in a way that has helped me grow every day since the reading. Thank you Dana!

Brad Bemis  | Lowe's Senior Manager


Dana's readings with my sons have been profoundly impactful...

Of all the complex dynamics that can go on within a family system, Dana's readings can bring clarity, insight, and peace for each individual and the family itself. Dana has a way of being able to relate to all ages and stages that miraculously opens their hearts and minds. I am certain that this has been very helpful to all of us and will have lasting effects. The fact that my sons don’t have to even speak if they don’t want to, is especially alluring to those who are opposed to traditional counseling sessions. I highly recommend these for any family seeking healing, peace, and healthy interpersonal dynamics.

Monica Mesa  | Author, Intuitive, Coach

A Gift For You - Guided Meditation to Ground & Center

It can be easy to go off-center with all the stressors going on, which is why it's helpful to give yourself the time and space to go within and reconnect. In this free audio download that I created, you will be guided through a meditation to ground and center, including original music and sound bath with crystal bowls. Enjoy! 
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