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If you've landed on this page, you may be seeking some insight and clarity about the things that are "up" for you, and you're curious about what a reading can offer.

Many people come to me because they're stuck in a pattern and they want a new perspective to help move beyond their habitual way of thinking and acting. Others are seeking to reconnect with a part of themselves that has been put on the back burner. Some people come because they want to understand the dynamics of their relationships from a different lens. Others are transiting a challenging time and want help identifying a pathway forward.

Whatever the reason - whether it's weighing out options for a potential move, exploring a new career, asking questions about your kids, or checking in about a relationship concern, the common threads I see are a yearning for clarity, connection to self, and validation. You want to feel empowered in your life and make decisions that come from your authentic voice and soul's wisdom. And it really helps to be with someone who can help you cut through the mental chatter and tune in from a wider perspective.

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What does a reading with me look like?


When we sit together, whether over video chat or in person, I will start with an introduction to familiarize you with how I work and what to expect. We can go over any questions or concerns you may have. We'll begin with a brief meditation that I will guide you through to center and ground. Then I will tune into your energy field to relay information and messages of guidance, with a focus on what's most relevant for your understanding and growth. We'll close with a visualization practice that helps you integrate the energetic shifts and information received. 

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Receiving a reading from Dana was a very positive experience...

Her reading blended images that resonated with me with clear and insightful explanation of the significance, as well as attuned and helpful guidance and wisdom. I would highly recommend receiving a reading from Dana to those who are seeking clarity, growth, and inspiration.

Mira Barakat

Singer, Dancer, & Teacher of Argentine Tango

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Her words have helped me grow every day since...

Dana's presence and energy prior to my first reading made me feel grounded. Her reading brought consciousness into areas of my life that are close to me; it gave me focus. Her words explained my energy, in a way that has helped me grow every day since the reading. Thank you Dana!

Brad Bemis

Senior Manager at Lowe's


Dana's sessions with my sons have been profoundly impactful...

Of all the complex dynamics that can go on within a family system, Dana's readings can bring clarity, insight, and peace for each individual and the family itself. Dana has a way of being able to relate to all ages and stages that miraculously opens their hearts and minds. I am certain that this has been very helpful to all of us and will have lasting effects. The fact that my sons don’t have to even speak if they don’t want to, is especially alluring to those who are opposed to traditional counseling sessions. I highly recommend these for any family seeking healing, peace, and healthy interpersonal dynamics.

Monica Mesa Dasi

Yoga Teacher Trainer, Self-Empowerment Coach & Author

Eric Ratinoff Headshot_Lawyer.jpg

The experience was completely mind-blowing...

I stumbled onto Dana while doing a web search for a program to kick-start me into doing yoga. I am a lawyer, a skeptic, and consider myself to be highly rational. When I started reading about Dana, and particularly the reviews of her “Aura Reading”, the skepticism rose to a high alert level.  Please understand, I am not entirely sure I even know what an aura is! Curiosity, however, kept me going. She had an opening the next day on her calendar to do my reading over Zoom. I figured, “why not?” 


Well, the experience was completely mind-blowing. To begin with, as soon as I met her, I realized she is an incredibly peaceful, authentic, engaging, and charming person.  The session began with some simple meditation. Then, Dana closed her eyes and just started to “see,” feel and experience, and told me about this. She asked very little, and did not plumb for information – rather, she just inquired whether what she was saying felt right. With me, she was incredibly accurate. I mean accurate about things people don’t really know about me. Things my inner voice says to me, that I do not say out loud.  She keyed in on personality characteristics of my kids, my wife, and me. She gave me insight into things occurring in our life together, including the good things and the struggles. 


I have since had one other session with Dana and intend to have more. Because of Dana I have happily shed certain biases about energy readings and the like. I feel tremendous gratitude for having stumbled onto Dana and her incredible intuition and skills.

Eric Ratinoff

Lawyer & Founder of Eric Ratinoff Law Corp