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Release What's Blocking You and Amplify Your Intuition

In my experience as an intuitive practitioner and healer, and also as a regular human being constantly navigating life's decisions, I have come to find that there are a wide variety of factors affection intuition, depending on the person and context.

One of the major blocks that shows up frequently is self-doubt. Doubt interferes with our ability to access intuitive knowing because the underlying belief system says, "I don't trust this", "I don't know", or "I'm not capable".

Self-reflection: Do these words sound familiar to you? How often does doubt surface and keep you from moving forward? What do you when that happens?

Another factor affecting our intuitive capacity has to do with how energy is flowing in our body and electromagnetic field. Stagnated energy is like a roadblock to the flow of Kundalini, or creative life force. When this life force has a clear pathway through our central channel and field, we are much more easily aligned with the wisdom of our higher self.

Self-reflection: When you feel your energy flowing freely, how does that affect your ability to make decisions and move in the world? And what about when you feel stagnated or stuck?

Another block to intuition is a stressed nervous system. When we're stressed, the sympathetic nervous system activates the fight or flight response and directs our energy towards contending with or fleeing from the perceived threat. If our energy is tied up in responding to the threat, then it's not going to be available to drop into the relaxed, receptive state required for insight and guidance. Makes sense, right? In an emergency, do you think your brain is more likely to say, "Let me slow down and meditate for a moment, and see what my intuition says..." or "Mayday, mayday! All hands on deck!"?

Self-reflection: What are some of the ways you calm yourself down from an activated or stressed state?

One more potential block to intuition that I'll name here is attachment to outcome. This one can be very nuanced and tricky. When we have an agenda or preference for how we want something to play out, we can't fully hear the answers to what's truly in our greatest good. The key here is to anchor into your central channel and find a point of genuine neutrality, so as to consider options from an unbiased place of higher wisdom.

I will be sharing more about this in my next Intuition Workshop & Sound Bath in Portland, or during my virtual webinar, The Craft of Insight. You will have the opportunity to look more deeply at your blocks to intuition, and learn some practical tools for a straightforward and honest approach to accessing your truth. We will also cover some of the basics of energetic hygiene to promote a clear energy channel and field. Most of all, it's a place to bring your questions and curiosities, and practice getting in touch with your intuition in a safe environment, without the pressure of "getting it right".

If you bump into one or more of these blocks on a regular basis, not to worry! They can actually be the way through to your intuitive self, which is a very natural part of your being. I personally have felt quite a lot of self-doubt in my life, and it has led me to learn about it, transform it, tap into my intuitive gifts, and help others to do the same.

Here's a 5 step process you can follow when you get caught up in self-doubt, or any of the blocks mentioned above:

  1. Pause, take a deep breath.

  2. Disengage from the spiraling thought pattern that has you going down the rabbit hole. Create some space around it.

  3. Find a resource to anchor more deeply into your body and your center. (Hands to body, deepen the breath, lie on the floor, release sounds, hum or sing, clear your energy field...)

  4. Ask your wise self what you need to know about this.

  5. Listen. If answers don't come up right away, that's okay - just stay open and curious, and know you are flexing the muscles of deeper listening and attuning to self.

In summary, the downside is: there are many blocks to intuition! The upside is: there are just as many ways through! And how cool to discover some of your own gifts through the process. I have seen within myself and in the people I work with, that the more we bring awareness, curiosity, and trust to our innate abilities of healing and intuition, the more self-empowered we become.

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