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Welcome Blog: The Voice of Your Inner Wisdom

Hello fellow journeyer on the path, and welcome to The Voice of Your Inner Wisdom blog!

You've likely been traversing the road of life with its varied terrains, climates, and seasons for a while now. Over the years you may have done a lot of healing and transformation, and worked with an array of practitioners, counselors, coaches, mentors, teachers, and of course, your own inner guidance.

Through it all you are seeking - seeking for a vibrant, authentic version of yourself to express in the world. Seeking to live from an open-heart and experience a sense of belonging and connection. Seeking to share the gifts that make you, you. I'm right there with you! I’ve gone through many cycles of healing and shedding of skins, and I’ve sought out a wide range of help on the quest for clarity and purpose. (For a more detailed account, read about my story here.) Through this process, I’ve learned that I’m a natural intuitive, healer, and teacher, and that I haven't just been seeking for myself, but for others too. What I've struggled with, what I've overcome, and what I'm still learning, can all be expanded from my personal experience into something that serves a larger whole.

My intention with this blog is to provide inspirational tidbits of guidance and self-reflective inquiries on relatable topics that can help you find insight and healing, clear the fog, or connect the dots somewhere in your own life. Above all, I honor and value your experience, and I trust the voice of your inner wisdom to guide you towards... you. :)

I'd love to hear how these articles land for you, and learn if there's any way I can be of further assistance. Feel free to connect with me!

From one spirited seeker to another,



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